The surface of the sea has a lure and an enchantment which belies the harsh contrast of environments it separates. Looking at it from below, you are so much more conscious of it being a layer in its own right, not just the top of a body of water. It is a dynamic interface that twists, ruptures and distorts as a result of the movement of air above and the water below. It is a threat more than it is a friend, because no matter whether you are a land creature or a sea creature, when you are caught in that interface you have the dynamics of both media to contend with. 

Membrane continues the line of research that led to Searching for Mermaids and Interface, in trying to explore at a subjective level the experiences and sensations of our evolutionary ancestors. The group of three A0 size works was first shown at the PR1 Gallery, Preston, in October 2011.


Gordon Fletcher