Gordon Fletcher is a sculptor who, after taking up scuba diving over 25 years ago, started to use underwater photography in his artworks. His earlier sculptures looked at the relationship between man-made structures and natural processes, and since beginning to explore UK seas his artworks have focussed on the marine environment, and in particular its biological and geological processes, and our own evolution.

He has exhibited nationally, and more recently in the north of the UK which is the source of most of his underwater experience and imagery. Diving has led to his cooperation and work with scientists, particularly marine biologists, and he has become particularly interested in the relationship between Art and Science. This has led to a diversification of venues and audiences in bringing his work to the public eye. Exhibitions of his Photo-Works have been accompanied by illustrated talks at a number of venues including Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and Scottish Natural Heritage’s Nature Photography Fair at the Battleby Centre, Redgorton.  He has also gained sponsorship in this work from the Institute of Biology as well as the Arts Council.

Gordon has been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.


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Gordon Fletcher