Soft Tissue

The group of works titled Soft Tissue, again speaks of our relationship to the sea. Soft Tissue is a group of photo-artworks produced during the summer of 2006. The artworks explore the soft, vulnerable, but resilient organic surfaces and structures of the marine environment as an equivalent to the soft tissues of the human body. To spend time underwater we learn about the susceptibility of the human tissue to diving illness and injuries. Not so much the lacerations of skin, the sting of a jellyfish, or bite of a predator, but more the quiet, hidden rupture of lung tissue, vessels and membranes. 

Similar injuries happen during everyday life in work or play. Within our own bodies we are each a complex, functioning environment of hard structures and soft tissues lubricated, suspended, and supported in a saline solution with a concentration similar to that of the sea. In both environments we find folds of translucent membrane creeping, pulsing, writhing; or delicate coloured tissue, structured with capsules, nodules, and tubules exchanging the vital elements of life. Orifices open and close, viscous fluids creep along ducts, and undulating fronds and tentacles secrete, absorb, twist and turn. These raw exposed surfaces can remind us of our mortality, but also of the rich sensuousness of life.


Gordon Fletcher