The first of a group of works being developed, Interface examines perspectives on the transition of light between air and water. This membrane of surface tension between the two media has the strength to support insects walking on it, and can form a smooth fluctuating lens distorting the passage of light and the perception of imagery beyond. At the same time, however, it is the most tenuous of barriers between life and death for creatures living either side of it. It has a lure and an enchantment which belies the harsh contrast of environments it separates.

Looking up through the surface waters of the sea at the rocky shore and blue sky on a calm day. The surface of the sea, the boundary between air and water, is criss-crossed with wind-blown ripples forming moving lenses at this interface. These lenses bend and distort the light waves bouncing off the imagery beyond creating a flickering dynamic image of the land and sky. This image is not digitally manipulated. Interface was first exhibited with the Boundaries exhibition in 2009.


Gordon Fletcher